Franck & Lohsen Architects

Holy Trinity Anglican

Raleigh, North Carolina

As part of its core mission and outreach, this newly formed church decided to be located in the downtown area immediately adjacent to Peace College. Its project called for a master plan that would accommodate a new church building with ancillary facilities, such as fellowship and education facilities.

As part of an invited design competition for the new church, Franck & Lohsen presented two schemes for consideration. Stylistically, both options were in keeping with the traditional value and the traditional taste of the congregation. One option is more Neo-Classical in style, while the other is more English Gothic. The cruciform shaped Neo-Classical option faces Peace College and creates a contemplative garden and a playground. The English Gothic option faces the church's administration building by way of a vehicular entry as well as a strong pedestrian connection between the college and the nearby community.

The site plans, floor plans, sketches and watercolor renderings represent Franck & Lohsen’s skill in working with a variety of architectural styles as well as working in a variety of rendering and presentation techniques.