Franck & Lohsen Architects

Upchurch University Center, Longwood University

Farmville, Virginia

Designed to reinforce the established traditional architecture on campus, this new 80,000 square foot building will be located in the heart of this historic Virginia university. Housing a multitude of student organizations and campus wide functions, this state of the art facility is designed to meet the complex needs of students. Both in elevation and plan, the design is in a timeless classical style of architecture.

The south façade boasts a double story portico for multilevel activity along an active lawn. A stately façade along Brock Commons, the primary artery of campus, reinforces the high quality of the nearby historic buildings. A large multipurpose room and overflow space spill out onto a double story porch. This opens onto Wheeler Mall echoing the scale and attention to detail found in nearby buildings while helping to frame this important green.