Franck & Lohsen Architects

Willet Hall/Curry-Frazer Hall, Longwood University

Farmville, Virginia

Having been selected to serve as the host for the 2016 Vice Presidential Debate, Longwood University is working to set the stage for this national event. The venue for this prestigious event will be in the gymnasium complex - Willet Hall. Built in 1978 this building contributes little to the established historical character of the core of this Jeffersonian-Palladian campus.

The first phases of improvement is to improve the primary façade on Brock Commons – the primary pedestrian allee on campus. This will be the primary entry for the Vice Presidential Debate and will be renovated to add dignity to this building so as to help bring this building into the timeless architecture prevalent on the rest of the campus.

Phase two for this project will be to reskin the residential towers Curry-Frazer Halls. Built in 1970, this pair of 10 story mid-rises are home to 405 students. Like Willet Hall, these buildings do not currently reinforce the traditional architecture on campus. Phase two will start the process of recladding the buildings adding a cornice, roof, and a banding of the upper level of these towers so as to create a level of detail that helps add detail to these buildings. A new entry at the center of the pair of buildings will add a double story portico reminiscent of most of the other residential halls on this historic Virginia campus.