Immaculate Conception

Washington, DC

Built in 1865, this Gothic revival church has seen incredible change both in the building and in the neighborhood. Located in the historic Shaw neighborhood the building was once destined to be absorbed by the new Civic Center or by devoured by the rapid development of the neighborhood. However the perseverance of the congregants at the strong direction of Monsignor James Watkins, this building has been restored to reassert itself as the heart of this newly invigorated neighborhood.

The earthquake of 2011 also was the impetus for this restoration. The tower was strengthened and renovated as was the roof and much of the exterior skin. Already a work of art on the inside with exquisite stained glass and decorative painting, the restoration and updating of colors and the ceiling was a major part of the interior restoration. A series of other restoration efforts and updates to the organ, entry, lighting, seating and facilities all make this glorious old church timeless once again.