FOR THE PAST 23 YEARS, Michael Franck and Art Lohsen have worked together with a dedicated and talented team of professionals as Franck & Lohsen Architects Inc. creating architecture in the realms of ecclesiastical, residential, university, and urban design.

It has been a source of great joy to have created timeless buildings enjoyed by a wide-range of people — from students to homeowners to worshippers; and fortunate to have wonderful clients who placed their trust and vision in our hands — including the peer recognition of the Arthur Ross Award for our body of work.

This September, Franck & Lohsen Architects, Inc. will transform into two new entities. Michael will assume the helm of residential, hospitality and university commissions with Michael M. Franck Architect LLC. Art will assume the helm of ecclesiastical commissions with Bella Chiesa LLC. and, as always, Michael and Art will continue to work in a collaborative spirit which has been a hallmark of their firm.

We are excited about this next chapter as we continue to create enduring architecture.

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Campus Chapel

Campion College

Located in a western suburb of Sydney, this small Catholic liberal arts College was in need of expanding their facilities on a modest sized campus so as to accommodate the current faculty and students and to provide for future growth.

Franck & Lohsen was engaged to prepare a master plan for the expansion of their campus. As the focal point of a newly formed main quadrangle, the new Chapel will seat 300. It incorporates an existing statue of Our Lady into its façade, above which a tall spire expresses its liturgical function. By raising the new Chapel slightly, it was possible to include a small chapel for perpetual Adoration beneath the main altar. A crypt is also provided beneath the center aisle of the Chapel. Designed to blend seamlessly with the existing historic main college building, the new Chapel serves as the anchor around which the future development of the Campion College campus will occur.

First in a series of new buildings are a pair of residential hall buildings. Building upon the established architectural character on campus, these new buildings boast broad porches to protect from the elements. Modest in scale these buildings, like the campus itself, reinforces the intimate scale and nurturing at this unique College campus.