Franck & Lohsen Architects

Brock Commons Gateway & The Beale Pavilion, Longwood University

Farmville, Virginia

As the venue for the 2016 Vice Presidential debate, Longwood University is moving forward with the enhancement of the most important pedestrian corridor on the campus known as Brock Commons. A series of interventions will transform this corridor prior to the debates. The projects include a new pedestrian entryway to Brock Commons, Beale Pavilion which is a new multiuse garden structure at the intersection of Brock Commons and Wheeler Mall, a new portico/entry feature to Willett Hall which will be the venue for the VP debates, and all terminated by a newly commissioned sculpture (by Alexander Stoddart) of Joan of Arc, patroness of the University.

The new entry gate boasts double pairs of brick tetrapylons and an exedra seating wall offering glimpses of the dome and cupola of the two adjacent iconic university buildings. Beale Pavilion will provide a much needed terminus to Wheeler Mall which hosts graduation. This new pavilion will also serve as a venue for a range of events from structured to more spontaneous. The refacading of Willett Hall, the gymnasium building, will place a new heroic Doric Portico as the primary entry for the Vice Presidential Debate. And finally the end of Brock Commons will be punctuated by a new bronze sculpture of Joan of Arc placed on a limestone plinth and nestled in an exedra surrounded by trees and other plantings.

Working with landscape architects Stewart/HG and Cooper + Robertson this intervention will be a part of an overall master planning effort to unify and improve the visual and functional aspects of the overall campus.