Franck & Lohsen Architects

Lawton Office Building and New Residences

Lake Charles, Louisiana

The Neo-Traditional Village of Walnut Grove is one of The South’s premier Traditional Neighborhood Developments. This new project is transforming a non-descript piece of land into a unique development close to the Lake Charles historic district and along the banks of Contraband Bayou. This 63 acre project is designed to look and feel as if it naturally evolved over time. The use of a traditional urban design plan and the use of timeless classical/traditional architecture makes this feel like an authentic Southern town blending a range of residential, commercial and civic spaces.

A variety of traditional home styles will create timeless neighborhoods with vernacular Louisiana and low country architecture all with modern conveniences and sensibilities.

The center of this new village boasts a new multi-use building known as the Lawton Building, named after the owner/developer. Inspired by the Cabildo Building on Jackson Square in New Orleans, this new French style building is made of granite, limestone with French doors/windows, operable shutters and a slate covered mansard roof. A long loggia on the south façade faces a lawn which overlooks Contraband Bayou while a loggia in the center connects the lawn to the future village square which is framed by a market building, a post office and future commercial/live work units. The lower level has restaurant and a venue space while the upper two levels has office space.